Range Rules


  1. EVERYONE has to pay attention while the RANGE RULES are being read to out over the PA system. For anyone new to the Range that means we want everyone to stop talking and pay attention to what is being read out.
  2. You will note the two coloured lights at the roof at either end of the firing line and in the middle. The GREEN light is the FORWARD light, when it is glowing you may go forward. The RED FLASHING light is the BACK light, when it is FLASHING, you must stay BACK behind the firing line, at all times.
  3. Under no circumstances will any person or part of any person cross the firing line while that RED LIGHT IS FLASHING. The FIRING LINE is classed as the FRONT EDGE OF THE BENCH TOPS, along through each of the FIELD RIFLE POSTS, on the right hand side, and on to the range boundary fences on either side of the range property.
  4. You will shoot ONLY at targets you have had placed on the target frames yourselves. You WILL NOT shoot at other peoples’ targets or any range fixtures including target frames, flags, wind indicators, trees, rocks or any animal or bird life that may enter the range area or its environs.
  5. You will OPEN your actions IMMEDIATELY after the firing of each shot and WHENEVER your firearms are moved in any manner at any time. This means your actions will be OPEN AT ALL TIMES, unless you are in the actual process of firing a shot
  6. You will load SINGLE ROUNDS ONLY, unless permission and supervision is granted, for a limited time, by a Range Officer. This means NO MAGAZINES are to be used unless under the DIRECT SUPERVISION of a Range Officer.
  7. You must wear eye protection, ear protection and shoes or boots while you are occupying the Newcastle range firing line.
  9. If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact any Range Officer for advice or assistance.
  10. Please make full use of all of the garbage bins placed around the range area for any spent cases, muzzleloading caps, cleaning patches and any other refuse.

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