Projectile Size & Prohibited Cartridges:

Click to Download Prohibited Cartridges at J&W Bruce Rifle Range

The Range has a limit of 8mm on projectile size.

P650 Forms


Non-licenced people are able to shoot on this Range using a P650 form if they successfully negotiate directly with a Range Officer to authorise and supervise them during the shoot.

Moving to NSW from Interstate:

If you are an interstate firearm licence holder moving to NSW, you must make application for a firearm licence in this state AND register all your firearms to your NSW licence.

Muzzle Brake

Muzzle brakes cannot be used on this range.

Update SSAA Membership details.

As were at Seaham are a Branch of SSAA NSW and as we are all members of SSAA NSW, all membership changes are on the SSAA NSW web site. There is a link to SSAA NSW on the front page of this web site, ssaansw.org.au/membership. You can join, renew or change contact details.

Range Calendar

The Range is open for general usage on Saturdays when the is a competition listed. On Sundays it is open for .22 RF long rifle using subsonic ammunition when a competition is listed.

Targets Available

There are target frames available on the following ranges:

25m Field Rifle

50m Bench Rest, Field Rifle and new extension

100yds Bench Rest, Field Rifle and new extension

200yds Bench Rest, Field Rifle and new extension.

Range Fee


SSAA Members
Member Pensioners


Non - Members