SSAA Newcastle Seaham Range Booking Information

**  For Saturday’s Shooters are REQUIRED to book online **

**  Pre-booking for Sunday’s (when open) is NO Longer required  **

Saturday booking sessions have been reduced to 1hr – up to 3 x 1hr sessions can be booked per person.

Sundays (when open) return to 1/2 hr sessions no bookings required and as always .22LR Rimfire STD velocity or under.

Online Booking is released on a monthly basis toward the end of each month

Please read all the information and then tick the box (at the bottom of the page) to confirm you understand and agree to the booking conditions and rules of SSAA Newcastle.

Session start time is the beginning of your “shooting time”. Ensure you arrive to allow sufficient time to have all your targets up before the session start time. 

  • SSAA Newcastle Seaham range is currently open to SSAA Newcastle members only.

    The health and safety of Range Officers and members attending Seaham range is of the utmost importance. An online booking system has been introduced as just one of the measures to assist SSAA Newcastle to reopen the Seaham range following the recent closure due to COVID-19.

    For Saturdays a booking is required to shoot at SSAA Newcastle Seaham range. Making a booking is quick and easy and will guarantee you a spot on the range and also ensures that we can provide a safe and clean environment in line with all relevant government requirements around crowd gatherings and social distancing.

    The Committee will continue to monitor the developing situation with regards COVID-19 and update its processes as required to ensure the health and safety of Range staff and members.

    Note limited competitions are returning dependent on availability of the volunteer Range Officers.

    We look forward to welcoming you back to the range soon!


  • Saturday Pre-Bookings Only - If you have not booked a time and session DO NOT attend the range as you will be refused an opportunity to shoot.

    ● You can book up to 3 x 1 hr sessions per saturday and only SSAA Newcastle members will be permitted to shoot at the range for the foreseeable future.


  • ● You will be required to show your SSAA Newcastle member card to gain access to the range. For the safety of volunteer Range Officers and other members, security camera surveillance will be operating throughout the range grounds.

    ● Upon accessing Seaham Range, you will be required to have your temperature taken with an infrared no touch thermometer. There will be zero tolerance for anyone who appears to be sick.

    ● Range staff will require a declaration be completed that you have not been to a COVID-19 case location or travelled from Victoria in the past 14 days. This will include your name and contact details.

    ● Range attendance fees are to be paid on the day at the range office via Eftpos to reduce the need for cash handling.

    ● All shooters must bring their own portable equipment, including stand, mats, sandbags etc as these items will not be available at the range.

    No food or drinks will be available for purchase at the range.

    No spectators will be allowed in the undercover firing line.

    ● Shooters will be required to follow all signage and floor markings to ensure social distancing requirements are adhered to.

    ● Shooters will be required to vacate the premises as soon as their session is complete.


  • The Office of Sport has advised that ranges should not allow entry to any person from any COVID-19 case locations in NSW or persons who have travelled from Victoria in the last 14 days. People from “watch locations” will be permitted entry unless they show symptoms. The full list of case locations and watch locations is available here:

    Do not attend the range if you are unwell and experiencing symptoms such as a cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath.

    Do not attend the range if, in the last 14 days, you have been unwell or had close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.

  • Please only book up to 3 sessions per Saturday due to high demand.

    If you are experiencing difficulties with booking, please try another device or call us on 0488 537 439

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