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Obtaining a Firearms Licence for Longarms.

Please refer to Firearms Registry at :

Online Firearms Licence Application

1. Genuine Reason for obtaining a Firearm Licence.

In NSW you must have a genuine reason to obtain a Firearm Licence. The categories here can be Sport/target shooting, Recreational hunting/Vermin Control or Firearms Collection. Target shooters & Collectors have to be members of a Club, hunters do not need to be a member of a club, but can be if they wish. If the hunter does not join SSAA , they require a statutory declaration from a property owner/property manager who will allow them onto their property to hunt (this goes with their application to FAR and means no involvement with a Club once their licence is issued).

Members of the SSAA NSW Branches can use their membership to support their genuine reason for having a firearm licence.

SSAA NSW Newcastle Branch can support A/B Category Licence for Sport/Target Shooting & Recreational Hunting/Vermin Control and Category G Firearms Collector Licence.

To join the SSAA NSW Newcastle Branch go to the SSAA NSW link on the SSAA Newcastle home page and please note the answer to your home club is “SSAA Newcastle #2”.

2. Contact the NSW Firearm Registry on 1300 362 562 and ask them to send you the licence application forms.

3. Download the “Safe Shooting” manual from the SSAA Newcastle home page and become familiar with its content. You will be examined on this booklet.

4. You now need to book in to do the Safe Shooting Course run by an Instructor from SSAA Newcastle Branch by contacting 0458 537 435 to seek a place in the next available Safe Shooting Course. Cost for adult is $70 and minor is $30

Once you have satisfied your genuine reason and passed your Safe Shooting course you are now ready to forward your application to NSW Firearm Registry.

If you are using membership of SSAA Newcastle Branch as you genuine reason for owning a firearm, then you need to include a copy of your membership card or a copy of membership confirmation letter.

If you are using hunting on a specific property then you need to include a statutory declaration from the property owner/property manager allowing you onto their property to hunt.

After a 28 day cooling-off period and the approval of your licence, you will be advised to go to the RMS to pay your money and have your photo licence processed, it will be forwarded to you in the ordinary mail system.

5. Minors Permit:

Please go to the website:-

This permit is for persons aged between 12 and 18 years who wish to possess and use firearms under the personal supervision of a firearms licence holder to receive instruction in the safe use of firearms or compete in approved target shooting events.

This permit does not authorise the acquisition of firearms.

The prescribed fee for this permit is $75.

Payment must be made with your application, by either cheque or money order, made payable to the NSW Police Force. Alternatively, the credit card details on the reverse of the application form may be completed.

A Similar procedure as the adult licence above is needed but without the attendance at the RMS. A birth certificate is necessary.

“R”, restricted licence in NSW.

Please go to the website to obtain all necessary information.

You must have a firearm licence before you can apply for your “R” licence.
The SSAA Range at Seaham does not provide R licence course/testing, but we do have “Approved Hunting Organisation” status. The AHO approval number for the SSAA Newcastle Branch is 10681.

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