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Last Updated 21st February 2024 - Range Activity Updated

The SSAA Newcastle Branch range is OPEN for General Admission on Saturday 24th February 2024 and CLOSED on Sunday 25th February 2024

Saturday Competition
Centrefire "Light" Class Rifle "Score" shot at 200 yards

ALL PISTOL Shooting activities are unavailable until further notice.


The SSAA Newcastle Branch Committee have decided to increase the Range fees from the 6th January 2024.

Member Fees From $10 to $12
Non Member Fees from $25 to $30
Member Pensioners $10 (no increase).

Firearms Safety Courses from $70 to $80 with Juniors at No Charge (was $30).

Please refer to online Range Calendar for latest information on Events and Range availability.
On an Android or Apple Device if there is No EVENT detailed by a "small green box" being displayed then the Range is NOT OPEN for General use.
Please open the event to see full details (especially on a phone or tablet).


SSAA Club Competition

Along with safety and shooting fundamentals, we follow the legal responsibilities of firearms ownership, and practice correct firearms use.

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Sporting Shooters Association Of Australia

Safety always comes first. You can read our range rules here.


Interested in learning to shoot?

In NSW you must have a genuine reason to obtain a Firearm License. The categories here can be Sport/target shooting, Recreational hunting/Vermin Control or Firearms Collection. Target shooters & Collectors have to be members of a Club, hunters do not need to be a member of a club, but can be if they wish.


SSAA Newcastle Range


Member Pensioners



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SSAA Newcastle

We welcome everyone to come along, and observe our sport. Look like fun? Why not Join!



As we at East Seaham are a Branch of SSAA NSW and as we are all members of SSAA NSW, all membership changes are on the SSAA NSW web site. There is a link to SSAA NSW on the front page of this web site, You can join, renew or change contact details.